Friday, March 4, 2011

Going Places with Boye Adefila

The Pyramids in Egypt are a sight Adefila plans to see someday.

Going Places is a new feature which will appear regularly on this blog.  It is an interview-style feature where different personalities tell us about the highlights of their holidays.  Enjoy it.

Tell us about your very first holiday.
My first holiday was a train ride between Lagos and Kwara states in Nigeria when I was about 7 years old.  I come from Kwara state and my parents, brothers and I were going there to spend a few days but oddly enough, I consider the train ride and not the stay in Kwara the actual holiday perhaps because it was new and exciting to me. 

What is your most memorable holiday?
A trip to Cannes in France. It was actually an official trip but it had the trappings of a holiday since I went for a week-long event. The food there was different and the sights were awesome. Since I love taking pictures I had a field day. I don’t speak French so when I kept hearing the same phrases repeated over and over everywhere I went, I had to guess what they meant.  ‘Ca va’ seemed to perform a host of functions; ‘S'il vous plaît sounded suspicious and confusing because I heard it used by both a stern but smart looking immigration official at the airport and attentive hotel staff.  Imagine my relief and private feeling of prolonged embarrassment when I realised ‘S'il vous plaît simply meant ‘Please’!

What do you like most about vacations?
Distance from the chaotic city of Lagos and assurance of steady power supply wherever I go.

What do you hate most about vacations?
Immigration officials trying to read my mind.

How would you spend your perfect day on holiday?
Depends on whether or not I have company and where I am. If I am alone and in Egypt (minus the current chaos), my perfect day would go something like this: Wake up at a 3-star hotel (they often offer better service!) with a view of the rising sun and a sandy beach. Do Yoga stretches in a garden attached to my suite then down an exotic natural fruit blend ahead of real breakfast.  Real breakfast would come after a very hot bath in an ancient-type bathtub like royalty used in days gone by. Real breakfast would be lots of fresh veggies and a hot cup of tea.  Next would be a walk around the hotel appreciating the view, taking odd shots and sending BB messages to my favourite friends while an air conditioned taxi waits patiently for me in the hotel parking lot.  Ten minutes later I would be chauffeur-driven to the following places; the Great Pyramids, museums and other ancient sites. Lunch would be Egyptian cuisine in a traditional setting and after a siesta between 7 and 9pm (because I assume I would be dog-tired after all those visits!),  I would then see an Egyptian movie then maybe watch some belly dancers at a club before allowing the night to take me away.

Where would you most like to go on holiday? Why?
Egypt: to see first-hand some of the wonders of ancient civilization

Boye Adefila is the former Creative Director of an ad-agency turned SME Business Consultant and CEO of Copycoach, a training school for copywriters and resource centre for creative marketers.

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